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Dear friends,

What a long history we have shared. Thank you for being the heartbeat that has kept me devoted for the past 42 years; Thank you for being the pulse that continues to keep our doors open. My guiding principles are to offer the utmost in customer service and care and to provide the best quality and variety of fabrics to my family and community of makers.

Please join us in store or online to experience each category of outstanding, hand-selected collections. You can truly feel the quality in every yard! Thank you for desiring the best, and sewing with zest.

I am so proud of the marvelous Stonemountain & Daughter cohort of six managers and 21 experienced sales associates we engaged during the most challenging days in our store’s history; without them it would be impossible to continue and no fun at all!

Please share this with anyone who loves fabric and may wish to support our dynamic family business. As we all are aware, supporting small businesses will continue to be the essential ingredient nourishing our creative community. We take nothing for granted in times such as these. Every order strengthens our deep desire to serve and thrive long into the future.

On behalf of all at Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics, I wish you a sweet, healthy, and joyful holiday season. Our hearts go out to those needing extra care during this time.

Blessings for peace, prosperity, and the power of community,
Suzan Steinberg

P.S. Hope you enjoyed the sneak peek of our new postcard art; all online orders will receive a collectible postcard!

stonemountain & Daughter team
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All of our fabrics speak to us, but some of them speak a little louder, if you know what we mean? These fabrics are fun, eye-catching, and always seem to put us in a fantastic mood—we’re all about a day-brightening fabric over here! Whether you choose to use brights sparingly or wear them from head to toe, we hope you’ll enjoy this group of beautiful, colorful fabrics.

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