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One of the greatest reasons we sew is to create a wardrobe that we feel good in year round. We get to choose the fabric, colors, and patterns that we feel best in and create garments that fit us exactly how we like. These are garments that we love reaching for in our closet and wear often! Heading into a new season, we’re revisiting some of our favorite me-made garments and thinking about how we’ll layer them together for the changing weather. We’re looking at our collection of wools and coatings for warmth, and to inspire looks to take us into fall and winter! 

title - layers of love

Layering is a fantastic opportunity to play with patterns and prints! This outfit is inspired by our houndstooth merino wool, which is going to look amazing as a Fjord Cardi or Marlo Sweater. We’ll coordinate the gray from the houndstooth with a large-scale plaid wool suiting—it’s the perfect weight for an autumn mini like the Ava or Reed Skirt. Because every outfit benefits from a great stripe (it’s true!), we’ll add a Concord T-shirt in a comfy rayon/spandex for a peek of pattern that coordinates with both wools. 

 comfy rayon/spandex paired with wool

A wool/polyester crepe is a perfect choice for office wear! Polyester adds strength and stability to this lightweight wool, making it durable, comfortable, and easy to wear. This wool is a dream for a wide-leg trouser like the Calder Pants or The Assembly Line High-Waisted Trousers. A great pair of pants is one that can become part of a few different outfits—with this in mind, we’ve chosen a few Atelier Brunette rayons for a Regalia Blouse and an Ashling Blouse to elevate our weekday wardrobe.

layering with wool

Wool flannel is the perfect choice for a button-up shacket (shirt/jacket) that will keep you warm whether you’re spending time in the great outdoors or looking for an extra-cozy layer for indoors. We love shacket patterns like the IlfordThe Arbor, and the Overshirt Jacket, and will absolutely pair them with a great pair of custom-made WBM JeansFulford Jeans, or Morgan Jeans for fall and winter.

plaid fabrics
title-wools to inspire

We have even more great wools available in the weights we’ve discussed above! Here are a few more favorites from our wool collection to inspire you:

title-wools to inspire

In general, we recommend dry cleaning all wools unless you are going for a washed look. Both agitation and heat cause wool fibers to cling closer to one another, causing shrinkage, pilling, and felting. Furthermore, the stain-fighting chemicals in standard laundry detergents can break down wool fibers over time. Wool has been around for much longer than dry cleaners, so if you want to be able to wash wool at home, test a swatch with Soak Wash or another wool-safe detergent (not Woolite) in cool water, and always avoid the dryer. Looking for more advice on caring for your Stonemountain & Daughter fabric purchases? Check out our complete Fabric Care Guide.

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