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While we start every sewing project by washing our fabric yardage, there’s a group of fabrics that don’t need it—we’re talking about prewashed fabrics! You might recognize these fabrics with words like sandwashedstonewashed, or crinkle in their name or description. During the manufacturing process, these fabrics have been washed using various techniques to adjust their color, texture, finish, or a combination. While you still might choose to wash your fabrics if you’ve got especially sensitive skin, many will delight in the fact that these fabrics are preshrunk and ready to go!
Let’s start things off with our washed denim fabrics. As anyone who has shopped for a pair of jeans knows, washes can transform a standard indigo denim into endless different shades of blue and impart all kinds of interesting textures and effects to its yardage. For summertime, check out our washed denims for wardrobe staples like the Stevie Jean Jacket, the Bernadette Skirt, and the Jenny Overalls or Shorts.
Lady McElroy – Brent 8oz Cotton Denim
What do we love most about this group of prewashed cottons? The colors, of course, and we’re really excited about the different texture that washing adds to each one. Porter Organic Cotton is our pick for everyday pants like the Thea Trousers, while Favorite Cotton and Washed Cotton Poplin are perfect for cool summer ensembles like the Saguaro Set and the Saturday Skirt SetCotton Crinkle Jacquard has a quilted feel with none of the bulk, and is a great choice for a Luna Jacket to wear when the sun goes down.
Porter Organic Cotton
Linen is a summer favorite because it keeps us cool and has a wonderful drape—you’re gonna love that incorporating a wash into that equation makes linen even better! While a uniform twill weave gives linen extra stability, a washed linen twill has all that strength with a gorgeous, soft hand—what a combination! We stock over 30 colors of Lady McElroy’s Cruise Washed Linen, which is an absolute dream to sew and wear because it feels perfectly broken in! Our top pattern picks for washed linen of any weave include the Arenite Pants, the Gypsum Skirt, and the Hinterland Dress.
Ashton Linen/Organic
Prewashed fabrics aren’t just for everyday—you can showcase the soft sheen of Amour Vert’s sandwashed cupro challis in your next special occasion look! Fabrics as stunning as these are at their best in garments like the Aalto Dress and the Calvin Wrap Dress, with simple design lines that really let the fabric shine. For a more casual affair, this cool challis makes perfect summer loungewear like the Reef Camisole and Shorts.
Amour Vert – Sandwashed Cupro Challis

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