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Bra Underwires


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We stock 15 sizes of underwires, #30-#58.  Our metal bra underwires are made from premium gauge metal, to resist twisting.  The ends are finished with rubber tips, which are also color coded by size.  These underwires are classified as “regular length.”  The tip with the color is the side that should be on the inside, closest to center front.

To find your size, refer to the reference list below.

Size 30: fits bra sizes 28C, 30B, 32A, 32AA, 32AAA
Size 32: fits bra sizes 28D, 30C, 32B, 34A, 34AA, 34AAA
Size 34: fits bra sizes 28E, 30D, 32C, 34B, 36A, 36AA, 36AAA
Size 36: fits bra sizes 30E, 32D, 34C, 36B, 38A, 38AA, 38AAA
Size 38: fits bra sizes 28G, 30F, 32E, 34D, 36C, 38B, 40A
Size 40: fits bra sizes 28H, 30G, 32F, 34E, 36D, 38C, 40B, 42A
Size 42: fits bra sizes 30tH, 32G, 34F, 36E, 38D, 40C, 42B
Size 44: fits bra sizes 32H, 34G, 36F, 38E, 40D, 42C, 44B
Size 46: fits bra sizes 34H, 36G, 38F, 40E, 42D, 44C, 46B
Size 48: fits bra sizes  32J, 34I, 36H, 38G, 40F, 42E, 44D, 46C, 48B
Size 50: 
fits bra sizes  32K, 34J, 36I, 38H, 40G, 42F, 44E, 46D, 48C, 50B
Size 52: fits bra sizes 34K, 36J, 38I, 40H, 42G, 44F, 46E, 48D, 50C
Size 54: fits bra sizes 36K, 38J, 40I, 42H, 44G, 46F, 48E, 50D
Size 56: fits bra sizes 40J, 42I, 44H, 46G, 48F, 50E
Size 58: fits bra sizes 42J, 44I, 46H, 48G

Full Bust:  Measure around your chest evenly at the fullest part of your bust with your arms down.  Make sure the measuring tape is level across your chest, parallel to the floor.

Underbust:  Measure around your ribcage just beneath your breasts with your arms down. Pull the measuring tape somewhat taut.

To find your underwire size, subtract your underbust measurement from your full bust measurement.  Use that number along with your underbust size to find your suggested underwire size!  If you’re new to bra making and aren’t sure which size will work for you, you may want to also order the next size up and/or down.

For example, if your full bust is 40” and your underbust is 34”, the difference would be 6”.  Looking under the 6” column and across the 34” row, your underwire size would be #44.

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