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Soak Wash – Scentless


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If you love it, Soak it!

Clean all the laundry you love with this rinse-free environmentally friendly formulation.  Made with plant derived and renewable ingredients, Soak is as gentle on the planet as it is on your clothes.  Ideal for knits, lingerie, delicates, swimwear, quilts, activewear, hand knits, and even baby clothes.  Soak was created with hand-washing in mind, though it’s also great in the machine, HE included.  No rinse means low suds.  Dirt and oils are trapped in the water and pulled away from your garment.  No residue left behind, no endless rinsing.  This also makes Soak drought-friendly!

Scentless keeps your hand-washables (and sensitive skin) clean and fragrance-free.  It’s a fresh and ultra-clear way to take care of the laundry you love most.

For hand washing, pour 1 tsp of Soak into cool water.  Soak item for 5-15 minutes, then gently squeeze out the water.  No need to rinse, although you can if you like, it will only decrease the amount of scent leftover.  Lay knit items flat to dry.  Wash sets like lingerie together.  HE safe.

Check out the other scents of Soak wash, as well as their starch-alternative smoothing spray, Flatter!

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