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Tulip Milliners Needles – Assorted Thin Sizes


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Pack of 6 milliners straw needles in sizes #8, #9, and #10.  There are 2 of each size.  These are extra long thin needles with a shaft that are the same thickness of the eye with a sharp tip.  Tulip’s quilting needles have been polished lengthwise in a way that creates tiny, invisible grooves.  This gives the sewist a better grip on the small needles while hand sewing.

What sets Tulip needles apart is their smoothness, flexibility, and strength.  The Hiroshima-made needles are polished lengthwise so that they glide through fabrics with ease.  This smooth fabric piercing is also made possible by the needles’ points, which have undergone special high-density abrasive polishing treatment for sharpness.  Last but not least, the needles have just the right amount of flexibility so they are resistant to bending or breaking.

Read more about Tulip needles here on the blog!

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