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We don’t usually dedicate an entire newsletter to a specific textile weave, but today we’re doing just that with a focus on our twill fabrics! Twill is a stable, durable woven fabric with a smooth feel and a pronounced diagonal weave pattern. Our collection of twills includes a variety of fibers as well as different weights—it’s a versatile fabric perfect for all sorts of projects and occasions!


While cotton is likely the twill you’re most familiar with (jeans and chinos, anyone?), manufacturing other fibers with a twill weave can result in some beautiful fabrics! Rayon twill has a gorgeous drape, transforming lightweight fibers into a sturdy, flowing fabric. The same can be said for silk twill, which boasts strength and shine in twill form. We’ll choose rayon and silk twills for garments that benefit from a fluid drape—dresses (like Romey and Hughes), skirts (like the Estuary Skirt), and super-smooth dress slacks (like Calder).


If you’re searching for a cotton twill for your next project, there’s so much to explore! The two denim twills at left are sure to spark creativity, as their “wrong” sides are as interesting as their “right” sides—these would be great to use for contrasting patch pockets or other details. Our deadstock collection features some high-quality cotton twills you can’t find anywhere else—they are great for jackets, pants, and bags. Finally, our collection of Japanese imports is the perfect place to look for unique twills like this bold, yarn-dyed stripe.


Sometimes what your wardrobe needs is a great selection of cotton twills—sturdy fabrics you can count on, in lots of wearable colors that you know you’ll love wearing. With this in mind, we’ve been spending the past several months building up our collection of cotton twills from Robert Kaufman—if you haven’t worked with these three fabric qualities yet, you’re in for a real treat!

Fineline Twill is the first of the group. It’s incredibly lightweight and completely opaque, with a smooth hand and a lovely sheen. It’s a fantastic option for button-up shirts like Archer and dresses like The Etta. Kobe Twill is a versatile and wearable light-midweight cotton twill with a smooth hand, a slight sheen, and a soft drape. Kobe is a perfect match for the Free-Range Slacks and other easy-wear, elastic-waist pants. Ventana Twill is the heaviest of the three twills with the most defined weave. It’s a reliable, durable option for wardrobe basics (think pants, skirts, jackets, and jumpsuits) as well as for bags and home decor projects.
Not sure which Robert Kaufman twill is the best match for your project? Email us a bit of info about what you’re working on, and we’ll be happy to advise!
Making your own everyday bag is a fantastic way to level up your sewing skills and create a useful, practical, and completely customized accessory. We love Ventana Twill for bag-making—it’s nice and sturdy, but still easy to sew on your home sewing machine. Pair a sturdy twill with a bag pattern from Klum House—the collection includes totes, backpacks, and more! These are beautifully- and thoughtfully-designed bags that you’ll love sewing and using. Find all the notions you’ll need for your project in our collection of bag-making supplies. Not sure if you’re ready to tackle an entire tote bag? Try a simpler project like The Woodland Dopp Kit as a skill-building warm-up.