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We’re surrounded by gorgeous fabric here at the shop, and while it’s hard to call only one group our favorite, we can’t get enough of wool! We are SO excited about the amazing wools we have in stock right now—deadstock wools from European designers, wool jersey for cozy knit basics, and much more!

Shop wools online or join us in person at the shop to see and feel all the fabric treasure our wool collection has to offer!

These beautiful, bulky sweater knits are incredibly warm, so we have them in mind for the coziest of layers—sweater knits like these are best for wintry garments like the Marlo Sweater Zip-Up Sweater, or a snuggly cocoon coat like the Nova.

If a placid plaid or a tame twill isn’t your style, maybe these bold, graphic patterns are what you’re looking for! These black-and-white wools will be eye-catching in the simplest of garments—try heavier coatings for a Hovea or Juno, and suiting for a super cute Ilford or Assembly Line Cropped Jacket .

These wools feature some of our favorite springtime colors, and would be beautiful additions to your multi-season wardrobe! A suiting or coating is a great choice for blazers like Auburn and Jasika, coats like Chilton and Yates, and vests like The Miller. Our boiled wool/viscose has a lovely drape, and is a perfect match for patterns like Romy and the Toaster Sweater.

Our collection is full of good wools, and these are some of our favorites: jerseys, twills, solids, and plaids you’ll love making a part of your look!