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A penchant for plaids at Stonemountain!

Ready to add a pop of pattern to your look? Ginghams, plaids, and checksare the perfect way to add fun and flair to your fall and winter wardrobe! Whether you choose a bold plaid or a petite check, these quality fabrics and classic patterns are always a wonderful choice. Not sure where to start your search? Well, you’re in luck—we’ve got just the person to accompany you on your quest for checks, plaids, and the rest!

A penchant for plaids at Stonemountain!
A Stonemountain & Daughter buyer with a penchant for plaids, checks, and the geometric, Anna is the perfect person to guide you through our selection of directional fabrics! Anna has been known to wear some fantastic plaid wardrobe pieces (like these excellent vintage shorts), and makes sure that every section of the store is peppered with plaids, ginghams, and checks.
Anna pulled primary plaids and checks together to show a few fun uses for these fabrics. A linen/viscose blend has a nice drape, so it’s perfect for a dress like The Cawley that’s designed for motion. For a cozy wool coating, you’ll do great with a outerwear pattern like The Sanda—don’t forget to pick a great lining (we love a bold, contrasting color). Finally, a sturdy plaid linen will be an incredible choice for a pattern like The Quinn Trousers—vintage-inspired, totally unique, and something you’ll be delighted to wear year-round!
A penchant for plaids at Stonemountain!

If your look is more aligned with earth tones, Anna has some favorite plaids for you, too! A large-scale plaid wool will make a handsome Ilford or Thayer jacket to keep you warm all winter. Top-quality yarn-dyed cotton is a cozy choice for a jacket lining, or it can stand on its own as a classic button-up shirt like ArcherVernon, or The Arbor.

A penchant for plaids at Stonemountain!
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While we always like to remind you of the amazing and exclusive fabrics in our collection of designer deadstock, it goes without saying that there are some really special plaids, ginghams, and checks to be found in there, too! Here are a few of our top plaid picks from the world of designer deadstock: