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New colors of Brussels Washer Linen/Rayon arrived this week (find a peek above, and scroll down for all the details), and it got us thinking about how much we love sewing with fiber blends, especially those that incorporate rayon! Blends combine the best qualities of each fiber to create a new, unique fabric—in the case of rayon, this means adding a beautiful drape to any fiber it’s combined with. Working with blends allows us to add our favorite fibers into our wardrobe in new and exciting ways—read on for some great examples of rayon blends and how to wear them.

What makes the perfect knit fabric? In addition to great stretch and recovery, we’re also looking for a fabric that’s soft and smooth, something we’ll absolutely love wearing. Rayon adds a cool, smooth hand feel to every fabric blend it’s a part of. We’ll choose a drapey cotton/modal/spandex rib for the Zoey Tank & Dress, a firm viscose/polyester jacquard for a fantastic Coco Top and Dress, and a super soft and stretchy organic cotton/modal jersey for the comfiest Elysian Bodysuit ever!

Ponte is a tightly-knit fabric with a excellent stretch and recovery, a smooth face, and a nice sheen—and our favorite ponte knits combine rayon with nylon and spandex! Ponte is easy to care for (wash cold, line dry) and is a wonderful choice for work clothes that are equal parts professional and comfortable. We’ll always pick ponte for garments like the Rivermont Dress and the Nicole Shift Dress, the Fjord Cardi, and the ultimate in secret pajamas, a comfy pair of Renee Ponte Pants.

Looking for a wool fabric with pretty drape and flow? Great news: with a wool/viscose blend, wool takes on a beautiful texture and drape for garments you’ll love sewing and wearing. A heavyweight boiled wool/viscose makes a perfect Cambria Duster or Pinnacle Sweater to get you through the rest of winter in cozy comfort, while a wool/viscose jersey is a wonderful choice for lightweight tops like the Caroline Tunic and the Grafton Top.

We always say that Brussels Washer Linen/Rayon just might be your new favorite fabric—it’s a perfect blend of fibers with the look of linen and the soft drape of rayon. We have 18 new colorways in stock this week, including these yarn dyes with beautiful depth of color. Due to its strength and texture, Brussels Washer is a great choice for wide-legged pants like the Pietra Pants and the Flint Pants, for a pretty 1930s Lily Jacket, and for mixing and matching as the different layers of the Metamorphic Dress. For even more inspiration, check out the Brussels Washer garments in one of our all-time favorite Stonemountain Spotlights!

While laundering single-fiber fabrics is mostly straightforward, determining how to care for a fabric blend can be a bit confusing! Our expert advice: if your fabric contains more than one fiber, err on the side of caution and wash it according to the most delicate fiber present in the fabric. No matter the blend, always test wash a small swatch before laundering your yardage! You can find our best advice for all fiber contents and substrates in our Fabric Care Guide.