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Discover Designer Deadstock -banner
We’ve got some amazing fabrics in the shop right now, and we’re especiallyexcited about our designer deadstock fabrics—so many of them are perfect for spring! Let’s start with some pretty rayons from our collection—whether you choose a smooth challis or a cute clip dot, these cool, lightweight fabrics have nice drape, so they’re great for springtime dresses like AustinAshling, and Roseclair. There’s so much to discover in our collection of designer deadstock; read on for some of our favorites!
title - discover deadstock
Often called sample cuts or designer ends, deadstock fabric is left over from textile mills and/or the fashion industry. Over the past year we have stocked some incredible, high-quality, designer pieces, much to the delight of our community of sewists. We’re excited about these fabrics, too, and we hope to bring you even more great deadstock finds in the future! Visit our designer deadstock primer to learn more about this fantastic fabric source.
title - waffle cotton
Our cotton textured waffle fabrics are the first we’ve carried in such beautful, bright colors! When washed, this fantastic waffle texture becomes soft and puckery—it would make lovely towels for kitchen or bath. We also love this fabric for a cozy robe—great for a robe pattern like The Sunday, or for extending a wrap jacket pattern like Juno to your preferred robe length.
Discover Designer Deadstock -banner
title -cotton eyelet
Cotton eyelet fabrics are the perfect way to start up your springtime! These cotton fabrics have delicate, machine-embroidered motifs with tiny cutouts, adding texture and visual interest. We love these fabrics for dresses like Lulee and Davenport, and for airy tops like Roscoe and The Clover.
Discover Designer Deadstock -banner
title - colorful silks
We can’t resist these designer deadstock silks in the most delicious candy colors! Silk charmeuse is an absolute dream for silky, smooth pieces like the Ogden Cami or the Saltwater Slip—lovely on their own, or layered under sheer tops and dresses. Silk crepe de chine is a perfect match for the drape and drama of garments like the Tie Bow Blouse.
Discover Designer Deadstock -banner
title - sew inspiring, made with designer deadstock
We love seeing all the fabrics you pick out, and it’s a delight to see them made up into garments! Customer Mary Ann reached out to share the beautiful Chilton Trench Coat she made this winter out of one of our Italian designer deadstock wools. Mary Ann lives about eight hours away, so after selecting her fabric online, she contacted us for some advice about pairings with the wool: Were the trochus shell shank buttons a good match? (yes!) Could we help her select the perfect Bemberg rayon for a lining? (also yes!) We emailed photos back and forth to help Mary Ann choose the best combination of materials for her project—and it turned out so great!
Discover Designer Deadstock -banner
Mary Ann has previous experience sewing and tailoring men’s suits, so this pattern was a great match for her skills. She found the wool a bit heavier than what the pattern called for, but with some careful planning and sewing she was able to make it work beautifully! “If I’d used a smooth, Melton-type wool rather than this deadstock Italian wool, life would have been simpler. But you know sewists—once we get a vision, nothing will stop us… I’m delighted to be able to wear such a glam coat—several ladies stopped me at church yesterday to admire it, so that was pretty fun. Other than my fabric choice—not a beginner sewist option—I can heartily recommend the Cashmerette Chilton for any level (except beginner) sewist.” Thanks to Mary Ann for sharing a bit about the process of creating her beautiful Chilton!
Looking for your perfect match? We’re always happy to help! Visit us in person at the shop or email us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to assist with selecting the perfect fabric (or lining, or buttons…) for your next project!
Discover Designer Deadstock -banner