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Love linen? We do, too!
if you’ve been looking for a little push to give it a try, now’s the time! We have over 600 gorgeous linen and linen blend fabrics in our collection—so many to choose from! Will you make something new to wear? A fresh set of placemats or napkins for your dinner table? There are so many possibilities!
Solid Washed Linen
Lady McElroy
European Designer Deadstock
linen look
Linen garments are a fantastic choice for your year-round wardrobe! Here are some of our favorite patterns for linen fabrics. Many of these garments will make great transitional pieces—layer with cozy leggings and sweaters in cool weather, and wear them on their own in spring and summer.
linen care
Linen and linen blends are ideal for garments since the fabric is so easy to care for: for best results, machine wash cold and hang to dry. To make any 100% linen fabric wrinkle less, follow these instructions from Sandra Betzina: Before washing, iron the fabric with the hottest, driest iron possible. Machine wash in hot water and tumble dry on high heat. Remove only when completely dry. This method will result in shrinkage, but small, soft folds will replace the hard creases usually associated with linen. For more information on caring for the fabrics we carry, check out our Fabric Care Guide!
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