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Our color quest starts with green!
There’s something really gorgeous about green, especially this time of year! If you’re living in the northern hemisphere, green is a great reminder of the new things that await us as winter eventually turns to spring (if you’re in the southern hemisphere, lucky you—enjoy your summertime!). With this in mind, today we’re gathering inspiration from the entire spectrum of green, as found throughout our fabric collection.
pair with
We’re beginning our color quest with emerald, a true gem of the color palette! We love a super-soft and stretchy rib knit for a Zoey Tank & Dress, a bubbly-print rayon challis for a fun, fizzy Nicks Dress & Blouse, and this velvety wide-wale corduroy for a luxurious pair of Magic Pants.
Amour Vert
Olive is the next color on our list—this shade of green is a bit subdued, so it makes an interesting and versatile neutral! We love a gingham oxford for a fun take on the Emery Dress, and an olive Mind the Maker rayon is a great choice for a pretty, flowy Romey Dress & Top. Our final fabric selection leans a little chartreuse, but we don’t mind it one bit—it’s the perfect fabric for the full-length Heather Blazer coat we’ve been dreaming of!
Japanese Cotton Oxford
Moss is our final stop on the color wheel. As moss itself can be many shades of green, we wanted to find medium-green fabrics with a depth and richness to their color—what we found was a group of mossy green knits! Thick, boiled wool is a lovely choice for a Canton Moto Jacket, and a jersey (be it a toasty wool or a soft cotton/modal blend) is exactly what you want to wear as cozy winter staples like the Rowan Tee and Tula Pants.
Lady McElroy
shop by color
How about some new fabric inspiration? We love exploring our fabric collection by color! It’s a great solution for when your wardrobe lacks a certain part of the color palette, but you don’t have a specific fiber or garment in mind—a good browse can really stir up some new ideas! Here are a few favorites we discovered when we sorted our collection for green fabrics: