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A true gem of our fashion fabric collection, rayon is a gorgeous fabric that will add drape and motion to any look. Made from natural cellulose fibers (which are derived from wood pulp), rayon fabric is cool to the touch with a lovely, fluid drape. Rayon is available in so many colors, prints, and patterns, and it’s super easy to wear and care for. We love that rayon is so versatile—it’s truly a multi-season fabric! Lightweight rayon wovens like challis and crepe are smooth and comfortable—they make perfect layering pieces in cooler weather, and can be worn on their own as warm-weather dresses, tops, skirts, and more. 

If you’re not usually a prints person, our collection of gorgeous rayon wovens might be just the thing to tempt you into adding some florals or geometrics into your wardrobe! Can’t commit to head-to-toe print and pattern? Choose a favorite print for a simple woven top like Montrose or Cedar and pair it with a solid rayon for a great wardrobe staple like the Estuary Skirt


When you’re really getting into print and pattern, it’s only a matter of time before you’re pattern clashing with the best of ’em! These three rayon wovens, a challis, a twill, and a voile, are a great example of making pattern matches across fabric designers and collections—choose three coordinating prints like these and you’re on your way to an amazing capsule wardrobe. We love the navy twill for a pair of Luna Pants, and its lightweight and colorful counterparts will be terrific for flowy tops like Romey and Indigo


With all the lovely rayon wovens in our collection it’s hard to pick a favorite, but these viscose dobby fabrics from Lady McElroy have definitely been a highlight of our recent arrivals! The lightweight challis fabric has an all-over dobby weave, giving it a bit of shine and dimension. We’re really in love with these great colors, and we’re already making plans to use them for garments like the Meridian Dress, the Nicks Dress, and the Tie Bow Blouse.

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Rayon’s fluid drape and smooth texture can make it a challenge to sew, so we’re sharing some of our best tips for sewing success! First, pre-wash and dry your rayon (here’s a link to our complete fabric care guide with lots of great info!). Using a rotary cutter can help you cut your fabric accurately. For best results, use an all-purpose polyester thread and a fresh sewing machine needle—we recommend using the smallest size needle you have, be it Universal (suitable for all fabric types) or Microtex (extra sharp). Presto Sheer Fusible is the perfect interfacing for lightweight rayon wovens.

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