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Sew some knit wardrobe basics!
Whether you love sewing with knits and jerseys or you’ve yet to dabble in knit fabrics, this is the perfect time to take a break and sew some knit wardrobe basics for spring and summertime.
rayon linen jersey
If you’ve ever sewn with Brussels Washer or Chloe Linen/Rayon, you already know that linen and rayon are a winning combination. How about experiencing that fiber magic in a cool jersey knit? There’s plenty of time to sew up some summer basics in our rayon/linen jersey—it’s lightweight and a bit sheer with a pretty sheen and drape. Stay stylish this summer with garments like the Floreat Dress and Top, the Waterfall Raglan, and the Westcliff Dress.
Designer Deadstock
spring sweater knits
A light sweater knit is perfect for the chill of early spring! These Mind the Maker jacquard knits are all cotton, so they’re just warm enough without being too warm—of course you could make a sweater, but why not use them for a unique pair of Erin Dungarees? We always love Aquarius knit for the Strata Top—double-sided fabric means two shirts in one. This season we’re inspired to bring that fun feature to a comfy and versatile Northcote Knit Skirt—a perfect match for this double-knit in black, grey, or both! 
Mind the Make
slubbed ponte knts
We’re used to ponte knits being super smooth, so this summer slub ponte adds a fun little twist to this easy-wear knit! Have the bandwidth for a big spring sewing project? Choose your favorite colors and build an epic capsule wardrobe with garments from the Grafton pattern—a suite of tops, skirts, and dresses for this season and beyond!
Designer Deadstock
build your own basics
Sewing wardrobe basics doesn’t seem like the most exciting sewing you could do, but we’ve said it before: there’s nothing like making tees, tanks, leggings, and underwear that fit your body perfectly—it’s a sewing superpower! There are hundreds of amazing knits in our collection, and some of our favorites include quality basics like our cotton/spandex jersey and viscose jersey, which are perfect for everyday basics like the Virginia Leggings (perfect for wearing under skirts!) and the Max Tee (easy to sew and goes with everything!).
Lady McElroy
pair with
festive frills
If you’re headed to a summer festival and haven’t planned your outfit yet, do not miss this crocheted ruffle knit! It’s a unique textile with lots of texture and stretch from a top English designer, so it would be great for a a tiny tube top, a miniskirt, or an amazing pair of pants (use a wide rib knit for a comfy waistband). This fabric would also make a fun accent on a solid-colored garment! The colorful stripes run parallel to the selvage, so keep that in mind as you plan your ensemble.
European Designer Deadstock
spring knits magic
sewing with knits
No serger? Not a problem! Most sewing machines have an overlock or elastic overlock stitch that will make stitching knit fabrics a breeze. Using a rotary cutter will help you cut knit fabrics accurately. You can sew knits with your favorite all-purpose thread or try our new favorite, Mettler’s Seraflex stretch thread. To ensure successful sewing, choose sewing machine needlesspecially designed for knit fabrics. Now double-check your pattern’s seam allowances, test your stitching on a scrap of fabric, and you’re ready to sew!
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