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Do you ever find yourself wishing that your favorite fabric could be just a tiny bit more something? If so, it’s time to check out some fabric blends! Created from a combination of two or more fiber types, blends start with a favorite fiber (like cotton, linen, or silk) and incorporate one or more additional fiber types. For example, if you want to add some stability to a linen, you might blend it with cotton. If you wanted to give linen a more fluid drape, you might blend it with rayon. On the other hand, adding a bit of linen to cotton creates texture and flexibility. There are so many possibilities!

No matter the combination, blends bring the best qualities of each fiber together to create a special, new fabric. We love working with blends, as they allow us to bring our favorite fibers into our wardrobe in new and exciting ways!

Voile is the lightest weight of cotton we stock, an airy fabric woven from the finest threads. When you combine silk and cotton, the resulting fabric is truly gorgeous! Silk/cotton voile has a stable hand, a fine weave, and a soft, gentle drape. It’s a lovely option for tops, dresses, skirts, and more. We love silk/cotton voile for patterns like the Regalia Blouse , the Marnie Blouse and Dress, and the Wilder Gown.
We consider Essex Linen/Cotton one of our “better basics” fabrics—a fabric with great versatility and value that’s super easy to work with, to care for, and to wear. Essex has the stability and structure of a midweight cotton with a nubbly texture and soft drape from its linen content. We carry Essex in dozens of colors and patterns, and this month we’ve expanded the line with a few new solids, stripes, and ginghams! Essex is perfect for so many projects, including garments, bags, and home decor—we love it for patterns like the Free Range Slacks, the V-Neck Jumpsuit , and The Ellis and Hattie.
Linen/rayon blends like Mora Slub and Brussels Washer Linen/Rayon have the strength, texture, and breathability of linen, combined with the pretty, fluid drape of rayon. These fabrics are ideal for midweight, woven garments that benefit from a nice drape—you can’t go wrong with the Avenir Jumpsuit , Burnside Bibs , or the Austin Dress for summertime!
There are fascinating fabrics in every corner of the shop, and our collection of designer deadstock fabrics is an especially great place to find unusual or unexpected fiber blends. Where do these unique fabric blends come from? Fashion designers may commission an experimental fabric blend to fulfill a specific design concept for their collection—and sometimes those special fabrics eventually wind up here at the shop!

Once you’ve found a beautiful fabric blend, what will you make with it? Here are some unique fabric finds and possible pattern pairings:

Fabric blend #1 is a Japanese designer (guess who?) deadstock nylon/polyester twill in a pretty banana yellow. This fabric is medium-weight with a super smooth hand and a slight drape, so we’ll pair it with a smart-looking fitted jacket pattern like The Assembly Line Cropped Jacket.

Fabric blend #2 is a designer deadstock cotton/polyester stretch jacquard. This is a woven fabric, but it’s so excellently stretchy that we think it will be a fabulous fit for a pattern like Tilly and the Buttons’ Coco Dress. The Coco calls for a knit with a firm stretch, but this specific fabric swap will absolutely work! If you’re up for a bit of sewing rule-breaking, this may be the pattern match for you!

Fabric blend #3 is a Lady McElroy cotton/spandex stretch twill. This is a common fiber blend, but a large-scale print requires thoughtful pattern selection to make the very most of it. We’ve got our eye on a pair of fantastic floral Tilly & the Buttons Erin Dungarees—they’ll be super comfy and fun to wear with a tank top or tee in summer, and with cozy layers the rest of the year.

Fabric blend #4 is a Japanese designer deadstock Comfort Stretch suiting in a rayon/ polyester blend. A high-quality blend like this is a great option for business casual clothes. If work clothes are not usually at the top of your must-sew list, hear us out! How great will it feel to have custom-made clothes for work that actually fit, with a little bit of stretch for added comfort? Pretty great! Start sewing your work wardrobe with a cute Cashmerette Ellis Skirt.


Still on the lookout for the perfect pattern for your fabric? We’re here to help! Drop us an email at [email protected] with a photo or a link to your fabric find and we’ll be happy to advise!


While laundering single-fiber fabrics is mostly straightforward, determining how to care for a fabric blend can be a bit confusing! Our expert advice: if your fabric contains more than one fiber, err on the side of caution and wash it according to the most delicate fiber present in the fabric. For example: if your fabric is a cotton/silk blend, we’d wash it according to what’s best for silk, while a linen/rayon blend should get the rayon treatment. Most importantly, always test wash a small swatch before laundering your yardage! You can find our best advice for all fiber contents and substrates in our Fabric Care Guide.